What We Like

I have a bot running which delivers results from newsfeeds mentioning the key words “children” and “internet”. The articles delivered could all be labelled “bad news”. More accurately of the last 120 articles, there were none that were positive and only 2 that were neutral. Mostly they painted a picture of a very scary internet for kids.

Of course any news source tends to focus on the bad rather than the good. That kind of goes with the territory. So I did some other searches to act as a control group . I had a look at 100 news articles based on the keyword “children” only, and 100 with for “internet”. This search was a lot sunnier, with 12% and 16% respectively being positive, including “Scientists grow new ears for children” and “The Internet Crosses 4 Billion-User Mark”.

So at Yourkids.com, as well recognising dangers, as we’re going to try and find the good news amongst all this doom and gloom.

Facebook Messenger Kids

Facebook have released a new version of Messenger for Kids. We haven’t looked into this extensively yet, but so far, it looks really good. It lets kids talk to contacts that are approved by their parents and use a range of age-appropriate gifs and images.

Some more Good News Stories

There’s a good article here from the Washington Post.

However, it may be behind a paywall, so [spoiler!] the 5 ways that Social Media can be good for teens are:It lets them do good. Twitter, Facebook and other large social networks expose kids to important issues and people from all over the world.

It strengthens friendships. Studies show that social media helps teenagers make friends and keep them. [nb. I’ve linked to the studies below]

It can offer a sense of belonging. [again, study below].

It provides genuine support. Online acceptance can validate a marginalized child. [I’m not entirely sure about this one.

It helps them express themselves.