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Privacy activists have called for more transparency and parental control over web monitoring in British schools after a survey indicated that almost half track their students online. Defend Digital Me, a children's privacy campaign group, teased (PDF) the survey's findings - which will be published in full in its State of Data 2018 report later this month - at an event in Parliament last night.
The internet age may be taking over but books are still a hit with Southland's kids. This was illustrated when more than 40 Year 4 students from St Patrick's School in Invercargill received tailor-made children's dictionaries, complete with pictures, from the Rotary Club of Invercargill North on Tuesday.
The 15-year-old daughter of Tom and Nacole of Auburn, Washington, was a freshman honors student and standout runner on the track team. One day, she ran away, and 36 hours later she was found on being sold for sex.
Before the smartphone backlash, before apps were likened to cigarettes for kids or Facebook co-founder Sean Parker mused that "God knows what it's doing to our children's brains" or Tim Cook revealed he doesn't let his nephew touch social media, and before the demands for studies and regulations and shutting down apps, Riddhi Shah was en route to a weekend trip to unplug from tech-ified San Francisco.
The fight over the efficacy and cultural importance of political correctness has long represented the main battle of the culture war that has raged between American conservatives and American liberals since Woodstock. There is something deeply divisive about the (often heavily policed) suggestion that people should avoid language that offends or alienates historically marginalized groups.
Experts will tell you that if you want to raise a kid who eats just about everything, you should feed them what you eat - assuming you're eating a varied, healthy diet. It's what most cultures have done for most of human history. But American culture sends parents a very different message.